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Audio Editing

Editing audio for podcasts, interviews and media. Audiobook editing to fit the ACX Audible standards.

Noise removal

Reverb removal

Sound Design

Sound effects for Games, Apps, Animations, Websites or Audio Logos.

Main Theme

Asian Temples

Enchanted Forest

North Pole

Pirates Of The Sea

Temple Of gods

Endless Runner Theme

Mixing and Mastering

Digital audio mixing for your music tracks using Steinberg Cubase and some of the best plugins available on the market.
Digital Mastering to bring the most out of your tracks and Loudness optimization for any kind of project.

Music Production

Composition for Films, Television, Documentaries, Jingles, Animations and more.

Podcast intro:

Musical Film Theme Song

Hip-Hop/R&B Instrumental

Trap/Hip-Hop Instrumental

R&B/Pop Instrumental

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